Brian Musasia Wanyande

An African visual artist offering fine art and design service that supports a modern lifestyle

The Story

Brian Musasia Wanyande , also known as Msale prides himself in his signature abstract Afro patterns that are now easily distinct in wall murals done by BSQ Crew..

Msale specializes in graffiti with a specific style called ‘grafikali’, acrylics, oil, charcoal, graphite & ink media. In this constant quest of seeking new ways of artistic expression.

Msale has also been involved in numerous community projects and art workshops. Msale was part of the group exhibition by BSQ Crew held at the National Museums of Kenya.

Whether you are trying to paint a large scale mural for your home or office, want a customized potrait painting of a loved one or just a logo designed for your new company – I can help!

Artist Résumé

Bachelor’s Degree in Fine & Design Kenyatta University, 2016.

Certificate in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Selected Exhibitions
  • BSQ Studio Gallery, Bsq Fine Art exhibition, Nairobi Kenya, (2019)
  • Harakati exhibition, Studio Soku and BSQ studios (2018)
  • Affordable Art show , Nairobi Art Gallery (2018)
  • NEXTGEN exhibition, National Museums of Kenya (2017)
  • Street Diaries exhibition, Alliance Francaise(2016)