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We’re redefining street art

By Wanja Gathu
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The trio’s work focuses on environmental conservation and conscious living. These messages are common in their murals and street art, and have earned them recognition.

Looking at their outstanding work, there is no doubt that BSQ Crew, (Bomb Squad Crew) is changing the way Kenyans view street art. And earning a decent living from it in the process. In their lingo, the process of creating graffiti is known as ‘bombing’, hence their name.


Bebeto Ochieng, 23, Kenneth Otieno, 28, and Wanyande Musasia, 24, won the Best Graffiti Crew during the Kenya Art Fair in 2016. The European Union was their first big client, and the Queen of Belgium, no less, went to see them work at the EU headquarters in Belgium. Their’s is a unique story of the perfect meeting of minds.

Bebeto, 23, the youngest crew member, is a muralist and graffiti artist on a mission to change how street art is perceived.

“This kind of art encourages free expression, but is misunderstood. It is seen, by some, as a form of defiance or rebellion, and its artists are vilified”

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