We see collaborations as a way to exchange valuable skills and to connect with fellow artists with the aim of creating fresh and dynamic pieces.

The Timeline

 We have worked with artists from Kenya to around Africa and worldwide. Here are some of the murals we have been able to collaborate on. We are open to collaborating with any other artists.

A collaborative piece between one of our own (Thufu) with
Julia Townsend(S.Australia) and Mwamba(Zambia) during the Sanaa Festival in Adelaide, S.Australia in 2019.

Desi Mundo of X-MEN Crew, one of the founders of graffiti in the USA, currently in CRP Bay Area, came through to the studio. We ended up doing this beautiful piece with all the artists we mentor. It reads UTU [humanity]

During the 2021 Rangi za East festival which we host annually, the crew did this awesome woman’s portrait graffiti in Nairobi , Babadogo Area.


Our former studio was inside a train wagon, among the first graffiti train studios in Africa. This was the artwork we did on it on collaboration with the Nairobi Railway Museum.

Being so deep in the graffiti industry in Kenya, we collaborated with these ANONYMOUS  hardcore graffiti artists from France. 


An abandoned train wagon at the Nairobi Railways Museum. We hit this train with Afro Ink [Kenya] of Spray Uzi crew. One of our graffiti mentors who played a big role in creation of the crew.

In his trip in Kenya, he decided to link up with us. Props a member of Made Fresh Crew form California, USA joined us in doing this amazing piece. In collaboration with Swift 9 Graffiti.

In collaboration with Nyeks [doodle artists] and Swift 9 Graffiti, one of the most skilled graffiti artists in Kenya, we came up with this concept. This is one of the most abused graffiti artworks in Nairobi. We did it as a self funded mural in Bamboo, Jericho. Swift has been a major influence in BSQ Crew since he is also a first generation graffiti artist in Kenya.