BSQ STUDIO / National Museum, Kenya

beginning of the studio work

removing the unwanted

sorting out

remaining waste

washing up the 1970 dust

preparing the chill room

art by msale

moving paintings in

complete test one

wash up for opening

thanks for all who turned up to help

clean like a whistle

putting the ceiling


meeting before the openning

putting up the stairs

putting up the bench

ready for exterior paint

backcoat application

first lines with the master

Swift 9 doing his magic

the opening with swift finishing up the BSQ font

special guest Bankslave with Kaymist and Thufu

master of installations Joan Otieno rocking at the opening

Msale doing live body art.

turn up

more body art

welcoming more guests

the chef and his crew mashup!! food!

nyatiti guy Daniel Onyango performing live during openning

Damaris Muga, management team.

smokillah finnishing up his forward plays

final product

We are delighted to have a new studio based at the Railways Museum in Nairobi, Kenya. We would like to thank everyone who made this come true and believed in our dreams. Our mentors, our mentees fellow artists and the Railways Museum of Kenya for giving us one of their train coaches to convert into a studio.. This is the process we went through to get the space ready and running. For those who came late as we were closing, welcome again. Enjoy and feel free to visit, we are open everyday.  WELCOME!!! MORE INFO…

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