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The Kenyan art collective, BSQ (Bomb Squad) – an in demand, “blossoming” community of artists, as reported by the BBC – are making headlines again. Based out of the Nairobi Railway Museum, the crew launched their studio space in April 2018, when they moved into a train carriage studio behind international artist, Patrick Mukabi’s Dust[…]

BBC News:Kenya’s railway art gets a new platform

In the heart of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, alongside seemingly abandoned train carriages and overgrown tracks is a blossoming artists’ community. Just metres from a busy road, but screened by tall trees and long grass, it is hidden in plain sight. This has been home to the Bombsquad, or BSQ, Crew[…]

The African Essence Exhibition

We were honored to host the first Solo Exhibition for the leading Kenyan Female Graffiti Artist, Chela. The exhibition was on 06th April 2019 to 12th April 2019. During the opening she did a live graffiti on the train attracting a huge number of art lovers who also participated in[…]

Thufu Heading to Australia

Another member of BSQ heading to Australia for the Sanaa Festival (A better world through creativity) after a successful display of word class Graffiti from Kaymist who was there last year 2018 Feb………… Click This 


Harakati is a movement, ya kushow artist tukikuja pamoja we can do greater things na tuweze kumake dow pamoja badala ya kutegemea certain people kwa industry ndo watuamshe  kiart then watuangushe baadae. So far a few of us tumeservive bila kutegemea awa wasee mbaka point sai wanatuneed ju hawana otherwise.[…]

Kaymist in Australia

One of our very own Kaymist 4 was invited to Australia for the Sanaa Festival 2018 alongside legendary Swift 9, Bankslave 1 and Joan Otieno (warembo wasanii). Here are some of his works… collabo with swift click here  

We’re redefining street art

By Wanja Gathu More by this Author The trio’s work focuses on environmental conservation and conscious living. These messages are common in their murals and street art, and have earned them recognition. Looking at their outstanding work, there is no doubt that BSQ Crew, (Bomb Squad Crew) is changing the[…]

Meeting of Styles in Wiesbaden

It seems like 2017 will be a special year for the german Meeting in its hometown Wiesbaden. Currently the local organisation is checking for additional wallspace expanding the MOS in order to turn ugly spots into pieces of art. A huge underpass-complex at the bench of the Rhine containing meanhwile[…]


Graffiti are writings or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or painted illicitly on a wall or other surface, often within public view. It ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings. In modern times, paint (particularly spray paint) and marker pens have become the most commonly used graffiti materials. In most countries, marking[…]

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