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BSQ finds new home in train wagon

Graffiti artists have been busy of late, painting the town red, blue and all other colours of the rainbow. That’s because most of them are on a mission to not only beautify the city but also leave meaningful marks wherever they find walls on which they can paint.

BSQ were initially acting autonomously as Ken Otieno, Brian Musasia and Bebeto Otieno. But it didn’t take each one of them long to acquire a new identity: Ken became KayMist, Musasia turned into Msale and Otieno became Bebeto Thufu.

And not long after that they formed a bond that led to the creation of BSQ. They moved their base of operation, like so many Kenyan artists do, from their respective studios to Dust Depo, a place that’s become the happy home to a myriad of young Kenyan artists. more here

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