Kenneth Otieno, popularly known as Kaymist4, attributes his passion for the arts as having had a positive impact in his life. The quiet soul, who hails from Siaya County, Kenya, is a founding member of the well-known Graffiti Crew BSQ.
Kaymist4 was introduced to the Graffiti Arts by Kenyan-born Graffiti legend Uhuru Brown. He also undertook a mentorship under another legend, Patrick Mukabi.
He loves to play around with the African physique and combines this with his curiosity for technology.
I focus on African people and technological future events, where I add mechanical features (bolts, screws and gears) to their bodies. I basically come up with an Afro-future kind of view.
His main mediums of work include, spray paints (aerosol), oil, acrylic paint on canvas, and wood carvings, with these he creates street art, murals and jewelry respectively.
Manjano exhibition 2012 .
This an annual exhibition that dedicated to celebrate Nairobi  the Kenyan capital so the theme is always to create work that revolves around the activities within the city.
Kenya at 50 Panafric Hotel 2013
This was an exhibition organized by PANAFRIC HOTEL to celebrate Kenya’s 50 years of self governing.
Kenyans for Kenya 2012
This was organize by Nakumatt a retail supermarket outlet  in Kenya to help the hunger striken Kenyans during the 2012 drought get food.
This is a three month festival organized by the GODOWN ART CENTRE also dedicated to celebrate the beauty and diversity of Nairobi the Kenyan Capital we use to go around schools painting murals with the school kids.
KUONA at 10 2013
The exhibition was organized by KUONA TRUST an art centre in Kenya to celebrate its 10years of existence.
Kenya art fair 2014
This was the first edition of annual Kenya art fair dedicated to Kenyan art .
Kenya art fair 2015 winner on graffiti completion with my crew BSQ
In 2015 there was a competition for the graffiti section which my crew BSQ emerged the winner of the first price.
Participated in ART AGAINST POVERTY 2013-2015 Facilitated by CEFA KENYA and ACP
This was a two year project run by an Italian NGO CEFA based in Kenya  in partnership with European union to enrich and keep alive the cultures of the participating countries across AFRICA, CARRIBEAN AND PACIFIC
Art residency at KUONA TRUST 2015
I had a successful one month residency at KUONA TRUST in the month of April 2015
Street Diaries 1st edition 2016
This was an art festival to celebrate the Kenyan street and graffiti art that was held at the NAIROBI RAILWAYS  MUSEUM.
Street Diaries Exhibition at Alliance Francaise Nairobi 2016
The exhibition was dedicated to Kenyan street and graffiti art and was held at the French Cultural Centre in 2016.
Toto sanaa 2016
This was an event we organised  with my crew members (BSQ) as a way of giving back to the community.
Solo Exhibition at Dari Restaurant Nairobi 2016
This was my first solo show held at a restaurant called DARI RESTAURANT in the Kenyan capital
European Development Days (EDD 2016 Brussels Belgium)
Attended the EUROPEAN DEVELOPMENT DAYS 2016 IN BRUSSELS and did a large canvas piece that now is a permanent collection of the EU HEADQUARTER IN BELGIUM on the the environmental conservation with one of my crew members THUFU B .
PEACE CONER graffiti Uhuru Garden ( NAIROBI Kenya) 2017
            Did a multidisciplinary work with artists who work with different mediums, and crew  BSQ at Uhuru  garden dubbed PEACE CONER  coordinated by TICA and THE MUSEUM SOCIETY OF KENYA.
Museum society of Kenya and European Union relationship Mural 2017
Me and my crew did a mural that reflects on the EUROPEAN UNION and THE MUSEUM SOCIETY OF KENYA  relationship during the years and it’s a permanent collection for the MUSEUM OF KENYA.
SUNDAYBOYZ was an initiative started by one of Kenyan graffiti pioneers SMOKILLA whose main aim also is to give back to the community what we normally do is go around the communities on SUNDAYS and give life the empty walls around the communities. Where we have collaborated with various artist like SWIFT9(Kenya), SMOKILLA(Kenya),THUFU B(Kenya), MSALE(Kenya),   KENNY LOOSER(Switzerland), James Creative Shield(United States) EDLER ONE (United States).


Acrylics on Canvas
Afro Future, bees/ Acrylics on canvas/ 120cm x 100cm
Afro Future Old is Gold/ Acrylics on Canvas/ 60cm x 80cm
Afro Future Madigaga/ Acrylics on Canvas/ 80cm x 80cm
Afro future, Kasuku/ Acrylics on Canvas/ 20cm x 35cm





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