Ibra Ndung’u better known as E-bruh is a graffiti artist. Well known for his mushroom characters,
graffiti circle have nicknamed him the “mushroom kid".
E-bruh is one of the protégé’s members of the BSQ crew,a street art group based in Nairobi,
He is the mentee of re-known artists;Thufu_B and Kaymist 4 ,who are the founders of the
BSQ crew.
His work focuses on the beauty of African mothers, daughters and female gender in large.
The art works mostly focus on traditional African cultures, as he puts it “it will all be forgotten
unless its archived in art".
E-bruh has participated in community-based projects as Nai Ni who, PAWA festival ,street
diaries and the Sunday  Boyz where graffiti artists gather to go paint in different neighborhoods
like Jericho.
Dust Depo is where he started his art journey in 2015 under the mentorship of Patrick Mukabi
then joined the BSQ studio as he had a passion for graffiti. He has showcased his works in
several places such as
The National museum
Dusit 2 hotel
Kenya art fair
Alliance francaise
Creative garage
Sanaa festival held in Australia
He hopes to showcase his artworks to the rest of the universe. To him there is no dream that
cant be achieved.

Acrylic on canvas

70 by 60 cm


Acrylic on Board

35 by 50 cm



Acrylic on Canvas

60 by 60 cm

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