Bebeto Ochieng, better known as Thufu-B is a master of lines. Graffiti circles have fondly dubbed him the “Lines man”.

Thufu-B is one of the founding members of BSQ crew, a street art group based in Kenya’s Capital, Nairobi.
He is a mentee of re-known artists; Patrick Mukabi & Uhuru Brown and has closely worked with the two.

His work focuses mainly on African females. Notably, he has a special bias for BBW which is Big Beautiful Women, given his fascination for the African Woman’s features. As he puts it:


“Female poses are more fluid, more loving. They inspire the best out of my creativity”

Thufu-B has participated in community based projects such as Nai Ni Who & others at the Kenya National Theatre. His work has captured audiences and has been exhibited in:

Manjano Exhibition,

International School of Kenya,

The KICC Culture Show,

the Go-Down Center,

The National Museum of Kenya.

Kenya Art Fair

He has also participated in residency programs at Kuona Trust and held solo shows at Que Pasa Bar n Bistro and the Creative’s Garage.
In 2016, he took part in a Europe Aid Graffiti Event organized by the European Union and held in Belgium.

Ultimately, he hopes to showcase his work to the world. His dreams stretch wide and vast.




Shanga Mbili / Poizon Markers on A3 Paper / SOLD


Fulani Hut / Acrylics on Canvas / 115cm x 105cm


Positive Vibration / Acrylics on Canvas / 70cm x 80cm SOLD


Dreadlocks / acrylic on canvas / 70cm x 47cm SOLD


Fikira / acrylic on canvas / 100cm x 100cm


Nyororo / pen and acyrlic on paper / a4 paper
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