Brian Musasia, also known as Msale prides himself in his signature abstract Afro patterns that are now easily distinct in wall murals done by BSQ Crew. The crew (BSQ) is a street art group based in Kenya’s Capital, Nairobi and physically based at the Dust Depo Art Studio (Railways Museum). A graduant of Fine Art and Design from Kenyatta University, Msale’s love for art did not start in campus. He began drawing and painting at a very young age and credits his mother, a pre-school teacher, for fostering his creative interests.

Msale specializes in Graffiti, acrylics, oil, charcoal, graphite & ink media. His fellow crew members refer to him as being ‘highly experimental’ as he constantly challenges himself to push art boundaries.

He is keen on discovering new styles and media that can be used to propel the street art culture in Kenya to new heights. He hopes the impacts of such will be felt throughout Africa and eventually worldwide.




Madiba / Airbrushed Acrylics on denim /  70cm x 50cm


Bob Marley / Airbrushed acrylics on wooden board / 50cm x 40cm


Maya Angelou / Acrylics on canvas / 200cm x 150cm


Lauryn Hill / Acrylics on Canvas / 250cm x 200cm




STL / Compressed charcoal on canvas / 150cm x 100cm



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