Kenneth Otieno, popularly known as Kaymist4, attributes his passion for the arts as having had a positive impact in his life. The quiet soul, who hails from Siaya County, Kenya, is a member of the well-known Graffiti Crew BSQ.

Kaymist4 was introduced to the Graffiti Arts by Kenyan-born Graffiti legend Uhuru Brown. He also undertook a mentorship under another legend, Patrick Mukabi.
He loves to play around with the African physique and combines this with his curiosity for technology.

I focus on African people and technological future events, where I add mechanical features (bolts, screws and gears) to their bodies. I basically come up with an Afro-future kind of view.

His main mediums of work include oil and acrylic paint on canvas, and wood carvings, with these he creates street art, murals and jewelry respectively.



Latest works

Afro Future / Acrylics on Canvas / 100cm x 90cm


Afro Future 2 / Acrylics on Canvas / 90cm x 80cm   


Afro Future 3 / Acrylics on Canvas / 60cm x 70cm


Afro future 4/ Acrylics on Canvas / 60cm x 80cm


Afro Future 5 / Acrylics on Canvas / 110cm x 90cm

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